Monday, March 25, 2013

A Pop of Print

If you were to compare my older sister’s closet to mine a couple years ago, you would have noticed that hers is filled with vibrant colors and different variations of prints. As for mine, I might as well have been named “Plain Jane” since I always played it safe by shopping for neutral tones and solid colors. I’ve sort of envied her and my younger sister (who has followed in her fashion footsteps) for being so bold with their fabric choices and accessories. Although over the years, I’ve learned to draw some fashion inspiration from their wardrobes and it has encouraged me to incorporate more bold colors and prints into my outfits.

Therefore, I now say with confidence that there’s nothing I love more than a good ornate print. Whether it’s of fruits, interlocking chains, or animals – a bit of print is guaranteed to provide visual interest and make your outfit pop!

Midi Bodycon Dress (Topshop), Scarf (Thailand), Suede Heels (Steve Madden)

Have a wonderful Monday!

Theresa Thuy

{photos by rscajuguiran}


  1. I adore this look! So elegant and timeless, you are a true beauty!
    The pairing of forest green and gold is classic, yet the midi length of the look gives the look a modern and youthful feel.


  2. I absolutely adore that dress! Your body was made for that dress! <3

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    1. That's very sweet of you to say and I will definitely check it out now! Xx

  3. WOW! You look amazing babe! I LOVE how you've worn that scarf and those shoes <3 <3 <3 ..and the lipstick - I think everything hehe

    Def. your newest fan!!!

    1. You're such a sweetheart! I'm glad you love the outfit and thanks for reading <3