Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Something Borrowed

Dress (Market in Vietnam), Men's Leather Jacket (Vintage Versace), Shoes (Converse)

While in search of the perfect leather jacket, I decided to raid my step dad's closet to borrow one of his. When I laid my eyes on this baby... I knew it'd be the perfect garment to complete my laid back outfit. You're probably thinking "that's considered laid back"? Why yes, yes it is - this is my take on a laid back outfit. Being able to throw something on without having to put too much thought into what colors coordinate and what tops or bottoms match is so effortlessly convenient. Don't get me wrong, I do love prepping my outfit the night before but... Actually, there's really no excuse other than laziness gets the best of me sometimes. But hey, at least I've been able to avoid throwing on a pair of sweatpants! Mr. Karl Lagerfeld would be proud.

"Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants." - Karl Lagerfeld

Theresa Thuy

{photos by rscajuguiran}


  1. WOW gorgeous photos. Love the girly red dress with the leather jacket and converse sneakers really gives your look some edge!

    New follower here and I cant wait to see more!
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    Jess xo


  2. I am in awe of how effortless this looks, such a source of inspiration! I would never think to pair an oversized jacket with a flirty dress and sneakers! You look gorgeous.

    p.s. girl crush



    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed this look! Pairing over sized pieces with dresses is my fave lazy outfit option :)

  3. Fabulous photos Theresa! I love them & the look - you are totally rocking it!

    xx http://everything-classy-and-fabulous.blogspot.com.au/

  4. Love this post - outfit and setting are perfect!