Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Let's play catch-up:

{First and foremost} Chuc Mung Nam Moi/Gung Hay Fat Choi... In other words, Happy Lunar New Year everyone ^__^v

{Secondly} I'd like to wish all you Februbabies a very Happy Birthday! Especially to my sister, Hang and one of my best girlfriends, Hannah!

{Lastly} I can't believe I've been so MIA! February is almost over and I'm only on my second post for this month (shame on me). As you can see, February has been such a busy month and always is every year. It's a tradition that we go to Vegas for Hannah's birthday around this time every year which makes the month even shorter. Regardless, we enjoy ourselves and have come to a consensus that every year turns out better than the last! Not only is the shopping amazing but so is the food (all you can eat buffets *drools*). The fact that almost everything is open 24/7 reminds me a little bit of my second home, Vietnam. 

During this trip, we met a lot of native Hawaiians and learned some Hawaiian slang *ahem* "where da bathroom stay"? and... Well, that's the only one I can remember right now. Sorry folks! The cherry on top of our trip was having a games night in Vegas... How often does that happen?! Games night + Vegas = BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! So, walking distance to shopping destinations, good food, and friendly people - what more can you ask for? Hopefully, we'll be back to enjoy some sun in the summertime! We'll see you soon Vegas ;)

And... That's a wrap!

Theresa Thuy

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