Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dress or Sweater?

Sweater (Vietnam), Denim Vest (Forever 21), Tights (Calvin Klein), Boots (Spring), Hat (H&M),
Watch (Michael Kors)

It's an over-sized sweater worn as a dress! So... I guess it's a sweater dress (best of both worlds)? Sweater dresses or over-sized sweaters are so versatile. I believe that it's a staple item to have in the closet for Fall/Winter because it can easily be paired with anything. Also, instead of going for the casual look as I did here; this outfit can be dressed up by losing the tights and throwing on a pair of heels. Can you picture it? Because I can! This casual ensemble makes it so easy to transition into a dressier outfit. 

Theresa Thuy

{photos by rscajuguiran}

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